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Our Mission


The mission of CHCC is to provide children and families in crisis the opportunity to come together to learn, grow, and develop in a safe, stable environment—because we care.

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Who We Are

We are a 501c3 Community Non-Profit that has served at-risk, marginalized, and victim children in a variety of way for over 50 years.  Our services include residential placements for children and youth in foster care, independent living services for youth aging out of foster care, adoption services, supervised family visitation, and out-patient mental health services for people of all ages.

We were started by a group of concerned citizens, most of whom were members of the same Sunday School Class, back in 1969 with the expressed goal of providing temporary shelter for homeless children and youth.  Over the years we have added services to become the agency we are today.

True or False

Children’s Homes of Cleveland County only provides outpatient mental health services to the children they serve in their group homes.


What do you think of when you hear Children’s Homes of Cleveland County?

Most think we only provide residential and support services for the kids in our care. Some know we also offer parenting classes, supervised visitation, and adoption services. While all of this is true, our mission has grown in recent years to include outpatient counseling, for people of all ages.

We now provide outpatient mental health services to adults, adolescents and children, here and across the state, with

in-person and telehealth appoints available.

We accept many forms of insurance and have a generous sliding scale for those who are uninsured.

No referral is necessary. ANYONE can call our offices at (704) 484-2558 or email to schedule an appoint


4907 days of care; 3 boys and 18 girls served

21 English speaking residents

Age: 6-12 years – 10, 13-18 years – 11, 18-21 years – 2

Permanency: Returned Home – 1; Placed with relatives – 3: Independent Living – 2; Foster Home – 1 Group Homes – 2; Custody of the Court — 1

More restrictive—2: Lateral move—0

Re-entry after custody given to family/caregiver: 0

60% discharged to permanency;

0 allegation of abuse/neglect by staff

Satisfaction Score on four-point scale: 3.6


 4 Pre-Placement Assessments and Reports

10 Relative Placement Assessments with Reports

Serving 12 Families and 14 Children, all of whom are Caucasian

Gender: 8 boys; 6 girls, all of whom are English speaking

Age: 0-5 years 10, 5-9 year 3, 10-14 years 1

Satisfaction Score on four-point scale: 4.0

Out Patient Therapy

 80 total clients, all English speaking

Gender: 31 male, 31 female, 3 other

12 African American: 52 Caucasian: 11 Bi-Racial 3 Other

Age: 0-5 years—1, 6-9 years – 21, 10-14 years – 33 15-18 years – 22, 19 and Over – 2

Performance Review Audit for Medicaid Contracts 100%

Satisfaction Score on four-point scale: 3.86

Become A Donor

Many of you have donated and supported CHCC for a very long time and as a result we think of you as investors in our mission, in our outcomes, in our clients, and in our community. Over the past few years many of you may have gone above and beyond your normal support in order to help us build our new building and launch our new Independent Living program and that investment has had a very real impact on hundreds if not thousands of kids. We are committed to maximizing the impact of and return on each dollar entrusted to us.

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